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a riveting masterpiece in graphical quality and detail, Spooky House: The Revenge of Big Boomer the Third and The Big Vegan Demon Part Two is a game set in Doucheland, a magical city that has a place that I forgot the name (it's on the readme) that has like a demon in it and you need to kill the demon. the game is a RPG with very realistic graphics, emotional multiplayer and amazing storytelling. director's commentary is provided within the game's files as well as other stuff. the game is a ludum dare 37 creation and it was created because I need to get money. recently, a swedish woman just entered my house and we have some good plans, but the problem is she is only in it for the money, you know, and I need to get cash money, you know. irony.

just kidding, I made this game because I was bored but really, who is reading this stupid DESCIYPNIJBIPEWNOE GO PLAY THE GAME YOU FOOL!

Published Dec 11, 2016
Tagsldjam, Ludum Dare 37, stupid-game
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