A downloadable masterpiece for Windows

Big Charlie is a game about a man named Charlie. Charlie needs to discover the meaning of life, and to do such, he must explore lands that were never explored before. And what I just told you is just some made up plot for the game. The game is based on exploration. Yes, there is a mission in the game, but it's optional. But the true mission is to find the meaning of life. And by doing that, you must explore abandoned purple zones, stupid forests and muddy undergrounds.

Controls are in the readme.txt.


"The game sucks, and that's a fact." - Ian Cohen, Pitchfork (10.0 / BEST NEW GAME)

"The graphics made me lose hope in mankind." - IGN (10.0)

"The lack of morality present in this game is alarming. Truly, the lack of a safe space in the game is daunting, if not, shitty. I have written for this website for over ten billion years right now. And I am quite alarmed with what I've played." - Kotaku (10.0)

"We must take immediate action." - Donald Trump (10.0)

"HOLY SHIT. guys ive just found THE WORST game on planet earth (laughing emoji)" - @realgamerthoughts (10.0)


bigcharlie.zip 31 MB